Wenatchee Rescue Mission

"Where Jesus heals hurting people"

(formerly Hospitality Ministries)

Joe Chastain

Joe Chastain has spent the last 26 years as part of the Wenatchee Rescue Mission family. When Joe came to the mission in 1994, he was broken and searching for a life that would fit his desire to be part of a family.

He spent 14 years in the army, including tours in Vietnam and on bases worldwide. After leaving the military, he discovered his love for cooking and cleaning. He has served as a janitor for several organizations around the Wenatchee Valley and spent years cooking for the men at the Wenatchee Rescue Mission.

Spending time reading the Bible is one of Joe’s favorite things to do. “My favorite book of the bible is the book of John because it is one of the living accounts of how Jesus lived and behaved on the earth. In John 5:1, Jesus heals a man who had been sick for 38 years because he couldn’t get to the pool when the water bubbles up. Jesus asked him, would you like to get well? The man picked up his mat and was instantly healed. Jesus healed him. I, too, was healed by Jesus.”

“The mission provided me with a community of brothers and a place to call home. I found Jesus here. He gave me a new vision for my life. He is the reason I can continue to stay sober.” Joe is now attending Apple Valley Baptist Church and making new friends.

Why the name change? A few have asked why we changed our name after 37 years. First, our ministry aligns closely with the other 12 rescue missions in the state and a Christian network of 300 rescue missions across the United States organized as "CityGate Network". Those in our area who were originally from Yakima, Spokane, Seattle, and Tacoma (for examples) would easily recognize this familiar name. Second, Hospitality Ministries is very confusing to people who are unfamiliar with our ministry.